What we have done

BCAAT began in 2003/2004 when a small group of community citizens became concerned about air quality in Loudon County and surrounding areas.  Biggest concerns were effects on health, property values and quality of life.  Five individuals decided to take action to reduce the air pollution in our area, and BCAAT was formed.

Major BCAAT initiatives have included:

Tate and Lyle (formerly Staley) – Legal action supported.

Open Burning Ban – Actively assisted its creation.

Radon Awareness – Sponsored events including distribution of free radon test kits.

Air and Water Quality – Actively working with state and local officials to promote improvements in air and water quality in Tennessee.  BCAAT officials have been members of the Loudon County Quality Task Force (LCAQTF), with the late Mike Crosby BCAAT President also serving as LCAQTF Chairman.  Mr. Crosby was also a member of the TN Environmental Council (TEC) Board of Directors.  

 Brought successful legal action against a construction permit expanding plant capacity.  The resulting settlement agreement allowed expansion, but limited permitted emissions to more acceptable levels.