Actions You Can Take…

Become a BCAAT Volunteer

A variety of volunteer opportunities exist  to support the efforts of BCAAT  depending on your availability.  Help is always appreciated whether it is to assist  on a specific task or become an active committee member.    Examples  include:

(  ) Distribute flyers (  ) Participation on a BCAAT team or committee

(  ) Attend Public/Government Meetings

(  ) Research & Fact Finding

(  ) Write letters, work on newsletter

(  ) Other:   ____________________________

Contact us to volunteer.

Make a Donation to BCAAT

Private funding enables BCAAT to continue its work toward  improving the air quality in our area.  Donations, which may be made anonymously, are used for educational and legal expenses, and are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Contact us to make a donation.
Register a Complaint about Toxic Air Emissions Released from a neighboring plant/facility in your community

The Tennessee Department of Environment (TDEC) does not regulate odors; however, TDEC does regulate toxic air emissions that cause odors and health problems.

To learn more about toxic chemical releases in your community browse the US EPA website Toxic Release Inventory by entering your zip code (37774 for Loudon or 37771 for Lenoir City) at:

Emails can be more effective and timely since there may be a delay with voice mail. List your email subject matter as “Complaint – Loudon County, TN” so it will be recorded as a complaint.