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BCAAT Letter to the Editor
(Published in the News Herald and The Connection)


On March 14th, the state of Tennessee granted a permit to allow Viskase to expand their Loudon plant and greatly increase noxious air pollutants into the air we breathe. This was done in spite of strong objections from residents concerned about their health, quality of life, and property values.

This permit would allow Viskase to dump an additional 440 tons of pollutants into Loudon air, over and above actual current levels. These pollutants include air toxics, ozone forming chemicals, and strong odor producing substances.

Carbon disulfide, a neurological toxin, will increase by 220 tons per year. In addition to its neurological toxicity, it is a volatile organic compound (VOC) which causes increased ozone levels. Loudon does not achieve current federal standards for ozone, which causes breathing problems for our citizens. Furthermore, this chemical has a very offensive odor.

Hydrogen sulfide, widely known as "rotten egg gas", will increase by 144 tons per year. This strongly odiferous substance will certainly add to the odor problems experienced by Loudon residents and surrounding areas.

Power plant emissions of nitrous oxides (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) will each increase by nearly 40 tons per year. Nitrous oxides cause ozone pollution and sulfur dioxide is a lung irritant which causes acid rain.

These pollutants contribute to breathing and cardiovascular difficulties of Loudon County residents. Further, odor from this pollution clearly detracts from quality of life in our communities. As such, this increase in pollution will negatively impact both economic growth and the property values of our homes and businesses. This can offset the economic benefits of the 39 jobs Viskase predicts will be created.

We believe these are unacceptable tradeoffs. Therefore BCAAT will formally appeal this permit to require that Viskase significantly lower this pollution.

Mike Crosby
Breathe Clean Air Action Team

Viskase Expansion Update
(March 2011 Newsletter)

"The major concerns with the request are the additional noxious odors that will result from increased pollutants released into the air. In the past few years, foul odors in our area have been reduced due to improved federal requirements that mandated changes in industrial equipment and procedures. However, the requested Viskase expansion is expected to take their levels of noxious odors back up to previous levels."

Viskase Expansion
(January 2011 Newsletter)

Breathe Clean Air Action Team

BCAAT, Inc. is:

  • An all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of concerned citizens.

  • Dedicated to improving the air quality in our community.

  • Actively seeking ways to reduce the levels of chemical toxins, carcinogens, and offensive odors released into the air by industry and other sources that affect local air quality.

Our Goals:
  • Bring the Loudon County area into full compliance with federal clean air standards.

  • Influence local and state government to take action to reduce air pollution.

  • Reduce risk of disease from poor air quality through actions to create a healthier environment.

  • Generate public support for actions that will improve our air quality.

  • Support responsible economic development that does not degrade air quality.

  • Build public awareness of air quality facts about Loudon County and the surrounding area.

Let's Protect our Blue Skies and the Air we Breathe

"We've got a clean-air problem in Tennessee. We need to face that."

"A majority of Tennesseans live in counties that will soon be in violation of the federal clean air standards. We have a short period of time during the next several years to meet these standards."

Senator Lamar Alexander on clean air
"So let's leave some blue up above us
Let's leave some green on the ground
It's only ours to borrow, let's save some for tomorrow
Leave it and pass it on down"

Pass It on Down- by the country music group - Alabama
"The air is precious...for all things share the same breath - the animals, the trees, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports"

Chief Seattle, of the Suquamish Indians of Washington State (1786-1866)
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